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In a time of need it may be difficult for loved ones to focus on the specific details we will need to arrange for a service that reflects the life of the deceased and the wishes of the family.

We ask that you provide the clothing (including undergarments), shoes, eyeglasses, dentures, etc., that will allow us to prepare your loved one in the most appropriate manner. Any jewelry may be removed and returned to the family prior to interment. We will work with you to help with decisions about any music or readings to be included in the service. At your request we will work with you to provide photograph displays and video tributes.

We will also need information as to the birth date, social security number of your loved one and who will be listed as the next of kin. In the event you already have a cemetery plot please provide us with the deed. If the deceased served in the military, we ask that you provide dates of service and discharge papers. It is our hope that in making you aware of what may be required, we will be able to meet your needs without placing additional last minute burdens on the family in gathering the information.

The following form may be helpful in putting together the most accurate information and may be automatically forwarded to us.

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